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Let’s improve research culture together: MetisTalk wants to hear from you
Huge issues are facing our societies; climate change, antimicrobial resistance, feeding a growing population, resource shortages and pollution to name a few. Humanity is going to need the best people doing the best research in order for us to find ways to meet these challenges. Read more [...]
Gaming the system: who is responsible?

Blaming increase in fraud and unethical behaviour observed in science on a lack of rigour among the emerging ranks of PhDs may appear blatantly reductionist and reactionary. In fact, some might argue that we have been looking and detecting misconduct more systematically than ever before. At the same time, there is a growing movement to raise awareness of scientists’ responsibilities and better equip them to face the pressures to publish more and seek extra funding. Yet, scientists do not exist in a vacuum. They are the product of an educational and research system with values that heavily influences their choices. Read more [...]